Imamiya festival

Shinko sai (Performed on May 5th)

A lively parade is held in the local area. Three groups of men shoulder portable shrines, which are said to be the biggest and heaviest in Kyoto. A cow pulls a 3-meter tall cart as town groups join the procession with their own town’s decorated spears. Also, a group of 8 girls in costume, known as Yaotome, dance at the main shrine then later participate in the parade. The portable shrines are curried to a nearby place called Otabisho. They are left there for 10days.

Yutate sai (Performed one day during the festival)

This is a ceremony in which people pray for the safety and well-being of one’s household and life. Kagura, a performance of classical ceremonial music and dance is offered to deities. Then, a woman known as a Kagurame, dips a bundle of bamboo grass into a big kettle of boiling water. She then, repeatedly filings the water great distances and covers the onlookers. The people around the kettle try to get as wet as possible while praying. Afterwards, the bamboo grass is distributed to the onlookers as a good luck charm.

Kanko sai (Performed on the closest Sunday to May 15th)

The parade starts at Otabisho and comes back to Imamiya shrine. The Tamanokoshi portable shrine is carried back by women. Kids also join in the procession. Overall, it is a lively finish to the festival.



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