Annual Autumn Festival

October 8th 19:00

Eve ceremony: Mikagura, a performance of classical ceremonial music and dance, is held with light of lanterns in the dark.

October 9th 10:00

The main festival:

Azuma-asobi, entertainment for the eastern provinces, is held.

6dancers and 5musicans offer graceful Azuma-asobi.

No admission fee

Azuma-asobi is a ceremonial dance. It is also called Azuma-mai or Suruga-mai. It was originally created as a local songs and dances in eastern Japan, and brought to a palace in Nara, the capital of Japan before Heian palace in Kyoto. Songs and dances of Azuma-asobi became popular because of their unique melodies. In 889, Azuma-asobi was dedicated to Aoi festival, which is one of the biggest festivals in the Heian era and still today. Since then, the local songs and dances have become a part of Heian palace ceremony. It is still offered today.