Good match-making and good luck


Helps improve one’s skill or trade

Good luck and Safety

We have a variety of shell colors and string combinations

Small amulets one can always carry

These amulets are named after Yasurai festival, which prays for good health.

Amulet for children’s good health

Children that participate in Yasurai parade wear similar clothing and pray for good health.

Use these as a bookmark.

It also has a nice fragrance.

Good health and Safety

This is a human effigy to pray for one’s good health. The shape of this human effigy was taken from Oni who dance in the Yasurai festival parade. An offered human effigy is purified and a priest prays for the good health of the people that offered it.

When the mirror reflects sunlight, a letter appears on white paper.

Good luck and safety

There are 12 designs with different animals. What animal sign are you?

Darumas’ eyes pop out!

We have a variety of colors.

Protect one’s liver (green), heart (red), spleen (yellow), lung (white), and kidney (purple).






¥800 for the pair



Votive tablet (Yasurai painting) ¥500

Blank votive tablet ¥300







¥800 for a set of big and small daruma




*Unfortunately, we do not accept orders by telephone or internet.



Tamanokoshi mamori

Orihime mamori

The twelve signs of animals’ charm (handmade wood carving)

Kai mamori/ Good luck

Traffic safety (Wheels)

Good match-making (heart-shape)

Traffic safety (Small-size)

Safe pregnancy and Safe childbirth

Yasurai mamori/ Good health

Votive tablet (Yasurai painting)

Kanko mamori/ Good health

Good luck with one’s studies

Waka poetry fortune slip

Yasurai hitogata (Yasarai human effigy)

Good news

Good match-making and increase one’s chance to make social relationships.

The twelve signs of animals’ charm (blue bag)

Daruma mamori/ Good luck・Good promotion

Fukuyose mamori/ Increase wealth and fortune

Hyotan mamori/ good health

Imamiya mamori/ Good health